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Autumn Colours in Nogata♪

Hi there!
Here comes another Autumn-colour season! Yeah!
I went to 紅葉の森 near 福智山ろく花公園 in 直方 for a walk last weekend.
It was such a beautiful sunny day that the leaf colours were beautifully contrasted with the blue sky!
I could have a pleasant walk that day.

Also, I can enjoy the autumn more by looking at many pretty photos that my students bring into class to share.
Please drop in at YMCA to show us your best-shot photos when you come around!

2019/11/28 04:08

Autumn walk in Kitakyushu

I love walking around in the park or fields at the Onga river especially this season!
I went to the Green Park last weekend and had a nice walk around there.
It was such a nice sunny day, and the flowers and plants were all colourful and refreshing!
I especially enjoyed the hill of Kochia plants! So cute!!!

The picture of cosmos flowers was taken at the Onga-riverside in Mizumaki.
I guess they are now at the bloom peak, so you better hurry!!

2019/10/31 03:03

多文化共生わいわい祭り!@Nov. 3

Hello, there!
Some of you may already know that we at Kitakyushu YMCA holds "北九州多文化共生わいわい祭り" in November.
This year as well, the festival will take place at Kitakyushu YMCA on November 3rd, Sunday.
You will be able to enjoy some exotic international foods, interesting panels that our international students have created to introduce their countries, a variety of stage performance, and so on.
It will be from 10:30 to 15:00!
Why don't you come visit to take a look?
It should be fun, even you can learn some new things!


2019/10/24 03:09

"Glacier" in Mt. Cook!

Hi there! It's Keiko here this time!
I visited New Zealand, traveled around by rental car with my husband.
It was the first time to see real "glacier" in Mt. Cook, and some lumps of it were in the lake!
Mmm...global warming is going on...
In Milford Sound, we took a boat cruise!
As you can see in the photo, waterfalls are everywhere, the boat got really close to the rock cliff.
It was right that I wore rain coats...I got all wet!
The scenery in NZ is just breathtaking.

2019/10/10 05:54

Kiwi Brothers!

Hi!Yay! I could get the kiwi brothers dolls!

Have you seen them on the TV commercial??
They dance and sing, sometimes act (with some other fruits)!
I love the series of their commercials, and I was hoping to get their dolls displayed at the kiwi section in the supermarket every time I go and see them.

Then, I found that the company was running a campaign of selling "Special Package" including 9 kiwis and a kiwi doll, so Why not?
I went to some supermarkets in my neighborhood to find the special packages.
I bought 2 packages of kiwis, gold ones and green ones.
Cute, right?

They are now sitting at the window in my room, looking up at me with the great & cute smiles!

2019/09/12 04:52

Sleeping grass★

Hi there!
We've been suffering from this heavy rain in the northern part of Kyushu this time.
I hope you all are doing fine and it won't leave any more serious damages.

Well, today I'd like to post a photo I took on the way to YMCA in the morning the other day.
I was waiting at the crosswalk and just happened to look down at my feet.
Then I found a small bush of オジギ草 at the curb!
Of course I touched them to have them bow to me! That was so cute!
That gave me a nice feeling for that day!

2019/08/29 05:56

Summer vacation!

Hello there!
How did you enjoy your summer holidays?
I hope you had good ones!

We are talking about our summer stories in class and that's a lot of fun!
Please come and talk about yours!

Here I would like to talk a little about my story!
I went to Kikuchi Gorge to enjoy its cool air. It was quite a hike but it was refreshing and gorgeous.
The air was clean and the water was cold and clear.
That was a great place to visit in summer!
I strongly recommend that place for you if you have a chance!


2019/08/22 03:48

"Essay Contest" award giving

Hello you guys!
It's been sooooo hot, but I believe most of you are now in your Obon holidays and having a nice time with your friends and families!

The end of last month, we announced the winners of Short Essay Contest. And this week we gave a certificate and a prize to the winner!
Nobuko-san always writes for the contest and I can see her improving each time! I'm so happy for her!


Our school be closed for Obon holidays next week.
So see you in class the week after next!
Looking forward to hearing about your summer stories(^^)!

2019/08/10 04:37

Traditional Ethnic Dresses 民族衣装

Hi there!
Here at YMCA, we are now giving a Kids Summer Intensive program until tomorrow.
And tomorrow, the kids will be enjoying wearing some Ethnic Dresses, which we borrowed from JICA Kyushu in Yahata!
They look very cool and interesting!

2019/07/31 05:30

School Party!★2019 Summer! (Vol. 2)

Hi there!
The weather has been crazy and I hope it won't cause any serious damages...

So, here are some more photos from the party we had last Saturday.
The attendees said they had a good time, which made me so happy♪

We probably will have the next party in 2020 spring.
Hope you also can join us next time (if you didn't come this time)!
Please take care and have a nice weekend!
See you next time!

2019/07/20 03:46

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